Automating CUDA-to-OpenCL Translation

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Recent News

CU2CL 0.7.0b Released

11/13/16: We are pleased to announce the release of the LGPL-licensed 0.7.0b version of CU2CL. Based on Clang 3.4+'s libTooling interface, this new rebuild supports higher-fidelity whole program translation in a single invocation. A binary tarball is available with registration here and the full source is available on GitHub.

CU2CL at SC'16 Emerging Technologies Showcase

09/27/16: Sathre, Gardner and Feng have been selected to demonstrate CU2CL's effectiveness during the Emerging Technologies Showcase at Supercomputing'16 in Salt Lake City.

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CU2CL Releases

Source Release 0.7.0b

Latest update (11/13/16)

Binary Release 0.7.0b

Latest update (11/13/16)

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