Automating CUDA-to-OpenCL Translation

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  • 2013

  • Characterizing the Challenges and Evaluating the Efficacy of a CUDA-to-OpenCL Translator.
    Mark Gardner, Paul Sathre, Wu-chun Feng, Gabriel Martinez.
    In Parallel Computing, 39 (12): 769-786, December 2013.
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  • 2012

  • Lost in Translation: Challenges in Automating CUDA-to-OpenCL Translation.
    Paul Sathre, Mark Gardner, Wu-chun Feng.
    In Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Parallel Programming Models and Systems Software for High-End Computing (P2S2), Pittsburgh, PA, September 2012.
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  • 2011

  • CU2CL: A CUDA-to-OpenCL Translator for Multi- and Many-Core Architectures.
    Gabriel Martinez, Mark Gardner, Wu-chun Feng.
    In Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Tainan, Taiwan, December 2011.
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Recent News

CU2CL 0.8.0b Released

03/21/17: We are pleased to announce the release of the 0.8.0b version of CU2CL. The whole program translation architecture debuted in CU2CL 0.7.0b has been expanded to include our first cross-AST translation and type propagations. A binary tarball is available with registration here and the full source is available on GitHub.

CU2CL at SC'16 Emerging Technologies Showcase

09/27/16: Sathre, Gardner and Feng have been selected to demonstrate CU2CL's effectiveness during the Emerging Technologies Showcase at Supercomputing'16 in Salt Lake City.

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