Automating CUDA-to-OpenCL Translation

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About CU2CL

The CU2CL translator project seeks to deliver platform portability of CUDA codes via robust automated translation to OpenCL.


You already wrote your code for one platform, let CU2CL automatically write your code for the rest of the platforms.

The community has invested significantly in the development of highly-accelerated CUDA codes. However this software is currently vendor-specific, requiring lengthy manual translation efforts to make use of alternative hardware platforms. By providing automatic translation of these codes to a vendor-agnostic and open-standard computing language, we significantly enhance the productivity of developers and users to execute their codes across a much broader range of hardware platforms than ever before.


CUDA developers and users who wish their code was portable to more accelerators from other vendors.

Getting Started

Go to our documentation, which includes release notes, installation instructions, tutorial, and FAQ.


Xilinx Harris

As a thanks for supporting our work, sponsors receive early access to all major releases. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us.

Recent News

CU2CL 0.8.0b Released

03/21/17: We are pleased to announce the release of the 0.8.0b version of CU2CL. The whole program translation architecture debuted in CU2CL 0.7.0b has been expanded to include our first cross-AST translation and type propagations. A binary tarball is available with registration here and the full source is available on GitHub.

CU2CL at SC'16 Emerging Technologies Showcase

09/27/16: Sathre, Gardner and Feng have been selected to demonstrate CU2CL's effectiveness during the Emerging Technologies Showcase at Supercomputing'16 in Salt Lake City.

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CU2CL Releases

Source Release 0.8.0b

Latest update (03/21/17)

Binary Release 0.8.0b

Latest update (03/21/17)

CU2CL License

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